• 3D Mobile Puzzle Game

  • 4 Weeks part-time (4h/day)

  • Written in C# using Unity

  • Group of 11 people

Main contributions

  • Pathfinding using A* (from scratch, didn't use the one built in in Unity)
  • Train movement
  • VFX (smoke and light from the train)
  • Animations

This was the second game I was part of creating. It was fun to create a game for a platform other than PC and an entirely new experience. 

I pair programmed a lot with Jonathan during this project and we wrote the movement system for the character and also contributed to the train movement. The character's movement was based on A*, and we wrote our own implementation of that, using a custom made grid. We chose to do this instead of using the built-in one in Unity because we wanted to try it out and learn more. Finally, we also worked on the VFX for the game, creating some smoke and lights for the train.