Having Great Adventure 


  • 2D Shoot 'Em Up

  • 8 Weeks part-time (4h/day)

  • Written in C++ using TGA2D

  • Group of 11 people

Main contributions

  • Gameplay
  • Collision handling
  • Scene management
  • VFX

Enemies, bosses and bullet patterns

I was in charge of all movement patterns for enemies and bosses, as well as all the bullet patterns in the game.

The pipeline was that our level designers drew bullet patterns for our enemies and bosses on paper, and I later turned them in to code.

This was a lot of fun since I enjoy mathematics and problem solving, and this combined both. 

Everything was done in more or less the same way. Based on the paintings from our designers, I came up with mathematical curves corresponding to it. This was a lot of fun and included sine waves, polynomials and logarithmic curves. Then it was just a question of defining in a space local to the shooter and transforming it to world space.

press to zoom

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Particles and VFX

I also created the particle system and the VFX system for this game.


The particle system was based on the Object Pool design pattern. 

The other part of the VFX, basically all explosions, consisted mainly of sprite sheet animations.


Collision handling

I also implemented the collision handling for the game. The implementation was quite simple, but worked efficiently. Only objects currently on the screen was updated, and the player only had to check for collisions against all enemies and their bullets. Correspondingly, all the enemies only had to check for collision against the player's bullets. All colliders were circle colliders, which led to very fast intersection tests.


  • Level transition effect

  • Camera shake

  • Speed lines